10 Reggae Songs to Release Your Inner Irie

This lady’s got it right. Irie.

Tamara. Literally.

Musical genres and their respective stigmas tend to define their fans, for better or for worse. I love reggae, and I always have; it’s a huge part of my daily life and it goes deeper thanthe proverbial good vibes. If you can relate, this postis for you.

10 Reggae Songsto ReleaseYour InnerIrie

  1. Could you be Loved

    The road of life is rocky, and you may stumble too, so while you point your fingers, someone else is judging you.
  2. Runaway

    Cuídame bien, lo mío es serio, quiero que estés a mi lado esta vez. Voy a fumar mientras te espero, voy a formar, un espacio mejor.
  3. Working

    Some have it easy, some have to do crime. You got me workin, cause money is time. Go on ‘n’ get yours, cause no one’s gonna hand it to you.
  4. La Receta

    Una docis de armonía aleja tu mente de la mentira, presiones e…

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