Nubia. The “Tunde Odunlade” Handbag, in Collaboration with Le Look Nigeria

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We’ve been holding off on announcing this new bag – cuz it’s kind of a big deal and we need, like, a drumroll or something! Or a gimmick. Or a big ta-da of some kind.

But instead we’ll just say it. THE ‘TUNDE’ BAG IS HERE!!!!!

Here’s the thing: It’s been a couple of years we have been looking forward to a collaboration with Le Look Nigeria Ltd. that would produce a high-end handbag sporting elegant batik prints by Nigerian artist and activist Tunde Odunlade.


Le Look Founder Chinwe Ezenwa

Chinwe Ezenwa, Le Look Founder

Nigerian artist and activist Tunde Odunlade

Tunde Odunlade, batik artist


They have finally arrived.


We’ve named her “Nubia.”

Nubia-handbag-from-Kupendiza-by-LeLook--batik-print-by-Tunde-Odunlade-goldenThey are everything we might have wished! Literally works of art, with dimensions of color that shine from below the surface, light reflecting off patterns in the fabric itself. And it appears no two will be exactly alike!


The interiors are just as glorious as the outsides – each one a different, delightful surprise!


Tunde has been a longtime friend and colleague, with a career now approaching five decades of printmaking, and a style that keeps evolving and emerging and breaking new ground.


Today the Batik Quilt Tapestry (BTQ) is the thing in Tunde’s studio, but these shoulder bags harken back to the foundational element of his work: batik.

The collaboration with the Chinwe Ezenwa and Le Look is another fine marker in a freewheeling, always flowing, career. We at Kupendiza are super proud to be working with them both.






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